Concrete Resurfacing in New Jersey

Restore your business’ concrete to its original appearance and condition with MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC! Our concrete resurfacing services are the perfect solution to dated or cracked concrete floors or surfaces.

Arriving promptly on the scene, we provide the repair and maintenance services you need. We use only the latest and highest quality equipment and materials, guaranteeing durable results. You’ll appreciate our swift availabilities, great rates, and excellent customer service as well.

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Prompt, Dependable Resurfacing to Your Concrete Flooring or Surfaces

Over time, even the best installed concrete surfaces will require some degree of maintenance or repairs. This is especially true in commercial industrial settings, where heavy use and friction can degrade the quality of even the most durable concrete. Fortunately, the experts at MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC specialize in all aspects of concrete maintenance and restoration.

As experts in all applications of concrete, we have the experience and resources to provide an outstanding level of concrete restoration. We have the correct equipment and methods to fill cracks in holds in a concrete surface. We can also go over your concrete in a sealant, coating, stain, or another finish.

When you choose our concrete resurfacing services, you can be certain of adding significant value and durability to your property.

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Concrete Repairs, Resurfacing, and General Concrete Maintenance  

We begin with a diligent inspection, assessing the strength and condition of your concrete surface. We then proceed with the necessary refinishing services.

We can provide services such as:

  • Patching
  • Raising of Slabs
  • Sloping and Pitching
  • Underlayment Installation
  • Control Joint Repair
  • … and more

We can also coat your completed concrete in an epoxy coating, concrete polish, or tint in a number of different colors and patterns.

Our team has served commercial clients in a wide variety of industries, giving us unmatched expertise into the needs of each customer. In no time, your concrete flooring or surface will be restored to its original condition.

For all of your concrete resurfacing needs, we are the company to serve you.

Concrete Contractors with Years of Dependable Experience

Our clients have been serving clients in New Jersey for years. We have earned a considerable reputation for our exceptional service quality, wide range of specialties, and great rates. Our years of experience is backed by extensive qualifications and credentials.

We are fully licensed and bonded, and committed to exceeding expectations. We will have your concrete surface looking better than ever.

Strengthen and Enhance Your Concrete with Our Resurfacing Services

If your business’ concrete floor, parking lot, entranceway, or other concrete surface has seen better days, the name to know is MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC.

We will provide you with streamlined, meticulous concrete resurfacing as well as years of durable performance.

We would be glad to provide you with a free service quote. Contact us today— we look forward to serving you!

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