Epoxy Flooring in New Jersey

For anyone in New Jersey looking to install a new floor in their garage, basement or commercial facility, epoxy flooring can’t be beat. This versatile, colorful, and hardy material is affordable, easy-to-clean, and looks great. For both residential and commercial clients, MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC brings years of experience in the flooring and coatings industry to offer you epoxy flooring in basements, garages, and wherever else you want to add a touch of originality without compromising on the toughness of your materials.

Does Epoxy Flooring Have a Place in the Home?

While it’s not a conventional choice for most bedrooms or kitchens—it’s a bit cold on bare feet early in the morning, after all—epoxy coatings make a fabulous choice of flooring material for your basement or garage. The coatings technicians from MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC come in, apply the necessary primers to your existing concrete floor, quickly lay out the main epoxy layer and leave it to cure.

If you’ve chosen special metallic epoxy finishes or want a multi-layer colored epoxy design, our employees will apply it after a few hours, after the base layer has set but isn’t completely sealed. We then apply a sealer to protect your new epoxy floor from moisture, acid, and grease.

Epoxy Flooring: Garage Floor Made Stylish and Simple

Epoxy coatings have a serious advantage over plain concrete garage floors: they look significantly nicer, especially given the latest innovations in coatings design that have made for beautiful and versatile looks. Epoxy can mimic poured metal, or even terrazzo or polished concrete—at a fraction of the cost!

That’s not all epoxy can do. Concrete is porous and will absorb water, leading to long-term damage over time. Epoxy floorings are nearly completely impervious if cured properly and set with the right sealers.

Epoxy also can take on a serious amount of pounds-per-square-inch. Your floor won’t be feeling the pressure as you drive your car in and out of your garage each day. Have a home workshop set up? Your property is protected from grease, chemicals, acids, and other liquids.

Epoxy Flooring for Businesses

With a wealth of epoxy flooring colors to choose from and experience creating sophisticated designs, MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC can create a stain-resistant commercial floor with minimal maintenance. Mopping up at the end of the night becomes a breeze due to epoxy’s moisture-repelling characteristics.

Given our talented and experienced team, we can come in on Friday night and have your showroom cured and set for you by Monday morning. Your business will have a beautiful and tough new floor at rates you won’t believe!

The Best Residential and Commercial Flooring Contractor Near You

For unique products that will stun your friends or your customers while making cleaning and maintenance a breeze, choose MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC for your epoxy coatings needs. With years of experience and dozens of satisfied clients, take a look at our portfolio of past work. Then give us a call for a fast and accurate estimate.

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