Concrete Resurfacing

Your concrete repair specialists in Dunellen

There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the proper concrete resurfacing application or technique. We can perform concrete repair through resurfacing or standalone remedy for damaged floors. This may include:

  • • Patching
  • • Sloping and pitching
  • • Raising slab
  • • Installing self-leveling underlayment
  • • Repairing Control Joints

Once the floor has been properly resurfaced or repaired then we recommend protecting the substrate. Some systems that we specialize in are:

  • • Epoxy Coatings
  • • Cement Urethane
  • • Concrete Staining
  • • Concrete Polishing
  • • Underlayment’s
  • • Industrial Coatings

Concrete is an incredibly durable substance. It can withstand all types of weather, foot traffic, automotive traffic, and extreme heat like fire. However, there is no miracle material that will stand up to every form of wear and tear indefinitely. Occasionally, concrete will crack, sink, or become pitted and this happens for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common issues that the people of Dunellen call on us to fix.

Large cracks in the concrete: This happens either from a shift in the surrounding structure causing the concrete to slowly tear apart or from concrete that evaporates too quickly during its drying stage.

Weird white mold on my concrete: This is actually not mold, but a deposit of minerals and salts that build up over time due to moisture escaping from the surface of the concrete. This is often easily dealt with by a thorough cleaning, but occasionally this can be an indication of chloride contamination which can damage the integrity of the concrete.

Little “bug holes” in the concrete: Are there lots of little holes on the surface of the concrete of various sizes and shapes? This happens when the concrete was not prepared correctly leading to little air pockets in the structure. MDRP Epoxy Flooring And Painting LLC can usually fix this problem with a simple resurfacing of the area to make it look the way it should.

The concrete is producing dust when touched: There are a number of different reasons for this to occur. The way to fix this is occasionally resurfacing the area, depending on the severity of the dusting, but more often a silicate-based penetration liquid needs to be applied. This liquid is absorbed into the concrete and crystallizes, solving all but the most severe cases.

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